Sunday, January 2, 2011

Various Ebooks

I have links to a few ebooks I've come across, some pertaining to structures. They aren't all necessarily "earthship" related, but they should prove useful, nonetheless

The first is by Ken Isaacs, who gives excellent insight into the utilization of space. It's a little harder to do with sticks, but if we eventually have an opportunity to mill wood, some of these could be quite useful, especially as temporary structures or workspaces.

Without any further adieu:
Ken Isaacs

The second is a bit more visceral than practical, but it gives you a new perspective of building materials. This is a photobook of Patrick Dougherty's work with sticks and stones:
Pat Dougherty - NY Times

The third is technically set of three. The Foxfire books are a collection of writings from various authors in Rabun County, Georgia initially published in 1972. The topics vary across many aspects of South-Appalachian culture and reveal a cache of backwoods wisdom.

More info on the series can be found here:
Foxfire - Wikipedia

Here are links to the first three Foxfire Books:
Foxfire One
Foxfire Two
Foxfire Three

There is plenty more to come once I've sorted through them all.


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